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Meet Sam Roblett, Founder of Vegan Business Networking and a seasoned Online Business Manager and Digital Learning Expert with a flair for crafting engaging experiences and helping businesses not just grow, but thrive. With a background in commercial management and leadership, Sam brings creativity and efficiency to every project.

What sets Sam apart is not just professional expertise—it's a passion for conscious living and ethical entrepreneurship. Since 2015, Sam has been a dedicated vegan and animal rights activist, advocating for a world where our choices align with our values. This commitment led Sam to found the vibrant Vegan Business Networking communities on LinkedIn and Facebook. The driving force behind this initiative? To expand the availability of vegan businesses and goods, reducing the need to harm animals in a consumer-driven society.

Through Vegan Business Networking's work, the goal is clear: to create a thriving ecosystem where ethical businesses can flourish without compromising on principles. Whether weaving together business systems, supporting change maker entrepreneurs, or championing animal rights, Vegan Business Networking is a catalyst for positive change.

Image of the founder of Vegan Business Networking, Sam Roblett

Sam Roblett Founder of Vegan Business Networking

What do we do?

Jane Elliott is the Community Manager at Vegan Business Networking.

As Community Manager, she oversees the FREE international Vegan Business Networking (VBN) communities on LinkedIn & Facebook.

She also makes sure that the groups are a safe and engaging place to be.

She is usually the first person to greet you when you join and she is always there to help you with any support you might need in your journey with us.

Image of the community manager of Vegan Business Networking, Jane Elliott

Jane Elliott Community Manager at VBN