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About Us

Why Vegan Business Networking?

“After attending an extremely expensive networking event to be told “sorry, we only have gluten free options, but that’s ok for a vegan, right!” My frustration led me to start a Vegan Business Networking Facebook and LinkedIn group. Since then, we have grown and connected with nearly 6,500 other vegan business owners and entrepreneurs, most of which have at some point felt that face palm moment that I did that day.” Sam Roblett – Founder

As we reach out to more vegans we realise that collaboration and support for each other is vitally important. There is strength in numbers. We work together to plant seeds and grow a thriving plant-based compassionate world. We can’t wait to welcome you to our communities so join us now.

Without you we’d be alone eating a salad, in a corner, somewhere!

We are a friendly and supportive community of vegan people, businesses and entrepreneurs working together with the vision of a vegan world. Show your love by inviting your vegan network to our amazing community.

Image of the founder of Vegan Business Networking, Sam Roblett

Sam Roblett Founder of Vegan Business Networking

What do we do?

Jane Elliott is the Community Manager at Vegan Business Networking. As Community Manager, she oversees the FREE international Vegan Business Networking (VBN) communities on LinkedIn & Facebook. She also makes sure that the groups are a safe and engaging place to be. She is usually the first person to greet you when you join and she is always there to help you with any support you might need in your journey with us.

  • We provide a support facility with the ability to safely network with like-minded others
  • Facebook community (2,000+ members)
  • LinkedIn community (5,000+ members)
  • WhatsApp group discussion for instant support
  • Social Media amplification group to help you reach a wider audience
Image of the community manager of Vegan Business Networking, Jane Elliott

Jane Elliott Community Manager at VBN